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Example 1: Referencing strategy
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Date: 23 september 2003

The case:

I heard about a digital communication agency "electron libre" in Lausanne, Switzerland. So I made a search in google with the keywords "electron libre lausanne". The first result page on google wasn't satisfactory. I couldn't find anything that was likely to be the corporate website of this agency. I could find a page mentioning the company (in fact on the first line of the google search), but not listing the website, so I kept searching. I lost about 5 minutes until I found out. You had to type it all attached to get it right...

Errors / Recommendations:

This is a classical error, too bad for this agency that they are not able to figure out that some people will try to search them using a correct query !!! Recommendation: update the Metatags and the homepage content... Take into account that users (no matter what their level or intelligence is) are stressed, do not want to waste their time, go elsewhere very quickly if they cannot find what they are looking for...

Screenshots (click to enlarge in a new window)

Google query 1 results First link result Google query 2 results Result
google query
first results
google query 2
final results
Important note: these examples are taken at a certain point of time. It might be that they have changed in between. We are (therefore) using screenshots. Day of "recording" and webadresses are mentioned.