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Example #8: another problem with forms
Site: (if you want to see the form, you have to simulate the process, ie ask for a quote)
Date: 06 january 2004

The case:

Filling up a form can sometime be tricky... especially if you don't see what you are typing in... The lenght of the data entry field should always be in line with what is expected to be entered. If you are asking for a 4 digit number, make the field large enough to see them. No exactly what happened on this site ! See it for yourself below...

Errors / Recommendations:

Fields are too short to see what the user typed in (Example: postal code is "1205", but what you see is "205", same applies to year ie "969" instead of "1969". Make them longer. If you really want to have a perfect form, add also some example of data entries next to it if you have the space... In this example, this is the case.

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Comparis form
Important note: you can find below some example taken at a certain point of time. It might be that it has changed in between. We are (therefore) using screenshots. Day of "recording" and webadresses are mentioned.