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Example # 10: Human vs. robot verification
Date: 26 january 2005

The case:

When registering a new site to this swiss search engine, and to avoid robots submissions, a form asks you to enter a series of 8 characters into an input box. Unfortunately, the last one is cut, and there is no way to know if this is a "C", "G", "Q", "O" or "0" (a zero). See it for yourself !

A nice way to exclude both robots and humans in the process ! Who will submit a site then ? No wonder that only 6132 sites where submitted at that day... (provided you can find the submit link, which is another challenge).

Important note: the error is not appearing in all instances. Sometimes the 8 digits appear, sometimes not. You might need to refresh the page for being "lucky", ie to see it as shown below. I was a first timer...

Errors / Recommendations:

Obviously to correct the problem so that the eight characters always fit into the coloured box.

Eventually also, correct the typo and remove the comment "case sensitive" comment, since all letters are in capital...

Screenshots (click to enlarge in a new window)

New site submission form
Submission form
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