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Example # 11: Address
Date: 25 january 2005

The case:

Being spammed by someone next door is sufficiently rare to take a little more attention, and why not, to pay a visit to this dear spammer to pass on some "nice" messages... Fortunately for them, once you are on the access plan of this dancing school, you are routed to another site that display a good map of the area, but does not tell you the exact address ! Smart, isn't it ?

Dance freaks will have to go on the contact page to get it the address first and, then click on the "school" menu, and finally return to the access plan to see where the damned school is, definitively easy !

Errors / Recommendations:

I will not help a spammer... but I guess the fix is sufficiently evident, even for a 4 years old person...

Screenshots (click to enlarge in a new window)

Access plan page
Access plan page
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