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Example # 12: Ecommerce and scroll bar
Site: and
Date: 3 february 2005

The case:

Valentine day approaching, you might think about offering a gift to your beloved one. Related offers on the Internet are legions, and this is the case for the's site (on the home page) which offers as an example "heart shaped jewellry". When you click on that link, another window opens (for what reason, we don't know) and a magnificent white screen appears !

You can refresh the screen, close the window, open it again, click on the "Jewellry" section ("Bijoux" in French), always the same result !
But with some care and wasted time (if you are persevering), you will notice, that on the right, the scroll bar is only at its first third, and that "logically" there is something below. There, surprise, you can find a whole range of products. It turns back, somehow, to put a curtain on your showcase.

Errors / Recommendations:

I guess the fix is sufficiently evident...

Screenshots (click to enlarge in a new window)

Home page
Original page (as displayed)
Same page (with scroll)
Home page
First page
Same page (with scroll)
Important note: you can find below some example taken at a certain point of time. It might be that it has changed in between. We are (therefore) using screenshots. Day of "recording" and webadresses are mentioned.