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Created in September 2000 in Geneva, Switzerland as a private Swiss company owned by individuals by Olivier Wiener. Capital: Sfr. 100'000.-

The company is focusing on a user centric approach when designing complex IT systems, from websites to intranets, from extranet to any IT application. C2SP focus on the users with a set of methodologies, best practices and an already long experience on project management in the IT field.
Vision of the company:

To be a leading consulting company in the usability field, which provides value added services and state of the art solutions to its clients.
Profile of the director:

After his studies at the University of St.-Gallen, Olivier Wiener worked for 3 years for Hewlett-Packard as a financial analyst in the Test and Measurement Department (now Agilent), at the European Headquarters, and was also project leader of an Activity Based Costing project. Moving to PricewaterhouseCoopers, he was involved with financial projects and the fast evolving E-Business consulting practice for 1 year. In 1999, he joined a start-up based in New York - and was in charge of the Swiss operations development where he led - among others - a project for the Serono Group within a Knowledge Management initiative.
Olivier Wiener
Our principles:
  1. As a client, you are our number one priority. We propose a solutions, you decide at the end. Our aim is to help you to transfer our knowledge and to create a relationship based on trust.
  2. We do what we say, and say what we do.
  3. We never ever commit for something we can't do or deliver.
  4. We are committed to our deadlines; if we can't keep them (for any reasons outside our control) we inform:
    1. the people directly/indirectly affected by the delay
    2. everybody upon the reasons of the delay
    3. the same people about corrective actions
  5. We treat others like we would like to be treated by them and we use fair and objective criteria when considering the work of someone.
  6. We maintain good relationships with our business partners.
  7. We don't sell our services at any price. Our prices are based on the value of our services, and is not the result of an adjustment related to the pricing policy of our competitors.
  8. We are not afraid to say "no".