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In the area of information technology, a user centric approach brings multiple advantages, particularly :
  • significant sales improvement
  • improvement of customers satisfaction
  • improvement of customers' retention (who does not like useful and easy to use products ?)
  • reduction of :
    • communication's cost, through "word of mouth" effects
    • application development's cost
    • technical support costs (call centers, on-line help, etc.)
    • training costs (users manuals as an example)
  • time
    • decreased time to develop and to "debug" (after launch)
    • improvements in terms of time-to-market
  • substantial improvement of corporate and products image (brand awareness).
All the companies that adopted a user centric approach benefited from these long-term advantages (Amazon, Google, Dell to mention only the most prominent ones). So why don't you also take the full benefits of this approach ?

An example among others:

The 6 main reasons why Internet users tend to return to a website are (always and still):
  • search engine visibility
  • browser compatibility
  • ease of download
  • ease of use
  • high quality content
  • frequent updates

We can help you to consolidate and improve these elements by providing you with the methods (usability tests, usability evaluation, benchmarking among others), our expertise and best practices developed during the last years. Create, optimise, improve your site to fully satisfy your users, is absolutely essential today. It is a challenge that only a specialist can solve.

Of course, these services are not only applicable to websites: Intranets, internal applications and software can as well be designed and improved thanks to these methodologies.

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