News (archives 2000-2005)
[28.12.2005] Two new satisfied clients:
Website creation for the jeweller Manuel Bouvier togheter with Diod (design) and Hsolutions (programming). See his comment about our work here.
Sterci: usability consulting and user testing for a new web-based application. See their comments here.
[28.11.2005] We just added a new quote (see at the bottom of this page) from Dimitri Van Kets, senior strategy and business development manager at Belgacom : "The issues of usability of systems are not so different to those of products, just more complex." Read more about this on "Usability news".
[07.11.2005] New article on the Ajax technology in l'Agefi, published on November 7, 2005. Check their website or contact us if you are interested (we only have french version of this article).
[03.11.2005] World usability day, find everything about this event on the official site
[10.10.2005] New article on the Flash technology in l'Agefi, published on October 3, 2005. Check their website or contact us if you are interested (we only have french version of this article).
[01.09.2005] We celebrate, together with our partners, our fifth year of existence at the service of usability and customer experience.
[12.07.2005] New happy customer: Sterci S.A. in Geneva. See their comments.
[05.07.2005] Fourth paper about web statistics in the swiss newspaper "L'agefi". Check their website or contact us if you are interested (we only have french version of this article).
[23.06.2005] Results on our survey regarding screen resolutions.
See the results !
[14.06.2005] Third paper about security in the swiss newspaper "L'agefi". Check their website or contact us if you are interested (we only have french version of this article).
[27.05.2005] Rotable or rotating flat panels: a quick survey to the usability community and webdesigners...

See the results !
[26.05.2005] Launch of the "" website for the company Jean H. Weber in Gstaad, Switzerland.

To see the site, click here.
To see the client's feedback on C2SP's work.
[10.05.2005] Second paper about accessibility in the swiss newspaper "L'agefi". Check their website or contact us if you are interested (we only have french version of this article).
[06.04.2005] New collaboration with the newspaper "L'agefi" and first article about usability. Check their website or contact us if you are interested (we only have french version of this article).
[09.03.2005] New project feedback from Serono. Discover it here...
[10.02.2005] If you are asking yourself how much does bad usability costs to your company and what you could save by improving your IT systems, here is a small tool that allows you to quickly calculate it.

Another calculation is available if you wish to do this exercise at country level, even more scary !
[03.02.2005] Valentine's day and ecommerce, another example of a common error, enjoy !
[26.01.2005] Two new examples of common errors are now available, enjoy !
[22.11.2004] You might have noticed that some usability quotes are appearing at the bottom of all pages in a random manner. Most of them were found on two very good personal sites:
the site of Theo Mandel, a pioneer in the usability field and
the site of Jean-François Nogier, from
These sites are worth a visit !
[12.11.2004] New client: Viveca L. Hortling, an independent consultant, providing Human Resources Solutions, selected C2SP for designing and creating her new website.

See her feedback.
[20.10.2004] Finally Google starts to correct Microsoft miserable internal files search tool, and the result is great ! An easy to install, easy to use, extremely rapid internal search engine that provides amazingly pertinent results.

Pro: accuracy of the results, speed, usability (for both installing the software and using it). No advertising. Cross-linking desktop results with web search results. Email search enabled.
Cons: maybe some issues with privacy (look discussion group on the web), long “one time” indexing (6 hours to index more than 130 thousand files), zip and pdf files not yet indexed in the beta version (but they say they are working on it).

To download this tool, click on this link.
[15.10.2004] A quick review of the users similarities and behaviour, who they are, what they have ?
[28.09.2004] Eyetracking: when they visit a website, which area of the screen users are looking ?

A new and very interesting analysis that describe not only what is watched , but also in which order... More information can be found by clicking here (opens a new windows).
[04.09.2004] You are starting a new intranet project ? Avoid the common mistakes by reading this: top 10 questions before starting an intranet project
[01.09.2004] C2SP celebrate its fourth birthday. We wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone that trusted our competencies in the past. Our customers feedback are showing that usability is more and more perceived as key to the success of IT projects and that we are on the right track with our partners...
[26.08.2004] Two more happy customers: the famous watch shop "Chronométrie Kunz SA", and the art gallery Blancpain Stepsczynski (together with our partner Monoloco). See their comments here.
[05.02.2004] New clients feedback...
[06.01.2004] We wish you an excellent 2004 year !

We are in the process of closing a long (and intensive) contract in the area "knowledge management" and Intranet. Soon we will also display two additional customers feedback. In the meantime, you can read our new addition in the common error section. Take a look...
[28.10.2003] Another excellent feedback from our client Serono + a new site design + new common error section. Take a look...
[30.09.2003] We just received a new feedback from our client Serono regarding our web statistic project. Take a look...
[23.09.2003] We have just added a new section to our website for educational purposes. It's called Common Mistakes, you've got to see it for yourself...
[01.09.2003] C2SP celebrate its third birthday. Thank you to everyone that trust us, not only our customers, but also our partners...
[16.05.2003] According to a study from the Prognos institute based in Basel, Switzerland, the key element to survive on the net is under other "ease of use", which confirms, one more time, what we are saying since more than 2 years.

It is also interesting to note in this article published on the site of the Swiss television, that the one company, which survived the last two years, will remain on the market, something confirmed by our revenues forecast. And this, even if Q1 2003 was "difficult" in terms of revenues.
[25.03.2003] A new happy client... click here for more.
[08.01.2003] C2SP wish you a very happy new year 2003 !

2002 was an excellent year since our revenue was increased by 100 %. We hope, with our partners, to reach the same level of growth this year. We also wish to take the opportunity to thank our clients for their renewed trust showed to us in the last quarter...
[20.11.2002] Speechless: new service (ecommerce usability) and new clients statements !
[30.10.2002] We still believe we will achieve our forecasted revenue growth of 100%, thus moving from a 5 to a 6-digit turnover.

We have also modified our list of services that you can consult here.
[04.09.2002] Good news: we are celebrating our second year of existence, despite the quite bad "climate" in the industry. Moreover, the forecast for the end of the year looks promising with a nice 100% growth in revenue compared to 2001.

This is due on one side to our solid network of partners but also to the renewed trust (and deals) from our customers. We take this opportunity to thank them.
[29.07.2002] Two more clients speaking about their experiences with C2SP. See the customers' credits section.
[19.04.2002] As of today C2SP's contracts for 2002 (some of them will be spread across the year) already exceed last year's revenue! This result proves companies' interest and trust in C2SP solving usability / information related problems, albeit poor market conditions. After 18 months of activity, relevant thought processes based on solid partnership and systematic approach have proven their efficiency.
[19.03.2002] As announced in February, our training on usability testing (UT) is now ready. For more information, please click here.
[28.02.2002] We are currently working on a seminar regarding the creation of working Internet strategies based on concrete elements. A special effort will be made in the areas usability and usability testing. More news soon.
[15.02.2002] You want to increase your sales on your site ? Contact us ! On January 15th., we put online the new version of one of our clients' site. Since then, we increase (thanks to design and navigation changes) the sales by 40 % !!!
[24.12.2001] MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR ! C2SP wishes you all the best for this New Year... and thanks to all of you that supported us during this first year.
[01.12.2001] Olivier Wiener has been nominated as part of the jury of the "Atelier Nomades ", a school for web designers and web developers. The role of the jury is to evaluate the quality of the projects made by the students in the cursus of their education.
[01.11.2001] We are currently in the process of finalizing new contracts with international major companies and should soon be able to enrich our list of customers' credits.
[01.10.2001] We have created a new section dedicated to our Partnerships that enclose: Programming and Website design, Graphic design, Search engine referencing and Content Management. We will soon announce new strategic partnerships. Stay wired !
[01.09.2001] After blowing our first candle, we are happy to say "We made it !" Indeed, we managed to survive in a very competitive environment, during a time period where economical perspectives are not as enthusiastic as they used to be, once upon a time...
Nevertheless, we secured a few contracts with international major companies, established new partnerships and we are definitely looking forward to blowing many other candles!
[03.08.2001] As you can see, we modified the design of our site in order to comply with the recommendations we provide our clients with, based on our checklist.
[13.07.2001] We have modified our site map to make it look more standard.
[05.05.2001] Article about C2SP S.A. in the Swiss monthly magazine "PME".
See the document in pdf format (adobe, in French).
See the document in html format (html, in English).
See the document in doc format (word, in English). (beware, this document contains images and can be, as a result, long to download, size: 270 Kb).
[25.04.2001] Article about C2SP S.A. in the Swiss daily newspaper "l'Agefi".
See the document in pdf format (adobe, in French).
See the document in html format (html, in English).
See the document in doc format (word, in English).
[01.03.2001] Participation to the "First Tuesday", 6 march 2001. For more information on this event, visit the site
[23.01.2001] Our banking industry preliminary report is at your disposal in the Documents area.
Preparation of the insurance and transport industry preliminary reports
[03.01.2001] A preliminary report regarding the banking industry is currently being prepared; it will soon be at your disposal.
[08.12.2000] All about Munich, with an interview on Nielsen's website of Olivier Wiener.
The watch making industry preliminary report is at your disposal.
[29.11.2000] Meeting in Munich with one of the web gurus, Jacob Nielsen, (see Financial Times for more information on him), and first mandates.
Please see the Documents area for further information and preliminary reports.
[21.11.2000] "Les firmes suisses négligent leurs sites Internet" - The Swiss firms neglect their Internet websites - a French spoken Swiss daily paper corroborates C2SPs aim of work...
As from January 2001, this article is no longer directly available... In the meantime, those who are members of the Le Temps website can access it in the Archives section.
[13.11.2000] C2SP now has an ADSL connection, which greatly improves productivity (speed improvements: approx. 6 times, i.e. 1 megabyte download/minute).
Scans of the hotel and building industries have also produced interesting results...
[24.10.2000] Website is ready! as you can see...
After completion of numerous administrative tasks, C2SP starts scanning various companies' websites - beginning with the real estate industry in Geneva. It has indeed produced some interesting results...
[15.09.2000] C2SP SA is officially created on September 1, 2000.
The company will first focus on setting up its internal structure and prepare itself for future assignments.
Consulting activities will start early October.