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Let's say you are a US company willing to enter the European market... you will inevitably face concerns about cultural features.
Should you be in the process of creating or reviewing the strategy of your Internet site, we help you make sure you are following the tracks that will lead you to providing a successful website to your clients - effective, efficient and satisfactory... but furthermore, we assist you in taking Europe's specificities into consideration.
The purpose of testing? Guarantying your site works, especially in a different cultural environment!...

Key elements:

Usability testing is finding out whether users can do tasks with your website... we therefore determine together, which cultural features you wish to consider. Then, we manage the testing from A to Z (preparation and running), analyze the results (findings' evaluation) and provide you with an exhaustive report, with our recommendations by order of importance... keeping in mind that the earlier you test, the easier to make changes...
Our first level of approach is French, German, Italian, Spanish and English users - other nationalities will be tested upon request.


Our pricing is based on the client size since the impact of our work might greatly vary. Example: If our recommendations lead to a time saving of 5 minutes daily for 4'000 employees, it will not have the same impact, and value, than improving a process for 20 employees... Hence the different pricing. Project duration is also, of course, a significant criteria in our calculation.

Please note that a Usability testing generally takes 5 days. Ask a for a quote !
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