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The objective of this service, more oriented on intranets, is to understand the user needs when redesigning the site. We evaluate the needs thanks to detailed questionnaires and a series of interview. The following elements play an important role in the scope of these interviews:
number of question
number of interviewees
type of questions (open / closed)
the time available to conduct the interview
the form: email / online / paper ?
scope of the study (on existing or future elements)
This type of work should be accomplished in close collaboration with the client as a result of its "political" nature.

Key elements:

Preparation, interviews, analysis and detailed report.


Our pricing is based on the client size since the impact of our work might greatly vary. Example: If our recommendations lead to a time saving of 5 minutes daily for 4'000 employees, it will not have the same impact, and value, than improving a process for 20 employees... Hence the different pricing. Project duration is also, of course, a significant criteria in our calculation.

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